Our employees, our most precious capital!

Our human-sized company is committed to offering its employees, subcontractors and partners healthy, respectful and motivating working conditions, where quality and merit are rewarded: this is our vision of our mission as a employer.
Our employees constitute our most precious asset, their well-being is essential to us. Our sure values ​​are also and above all nearly 80% of women serving women to meet their expectations in terms of women's lingerie.


Respect for people and the promotion of diversity are at the heart of our commitment as an employer. Our action focuses more particularly on fair treatment, non-discrimination, inclusiveness and professional equality.
In 2019, our gender equality index was 79 points. In 2020, we totaled a score of 93 points.


Well-being at work is a priority for the company and is the subject of reinforced and regular social dialogue with all employees.
The quality of life at work is ensured by the implementation of internal agreements and charters involving in particular ethics or professional and personal life balance.

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