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Are you a lover of beautiful lingerie? Do you want to keep your underwear as long as possible and in good condition ? So there is no secrets, you have to take care of it properly ! Indeed, your underwear is often made from fine and delicate materials, such as lace, which require certain precautions. Here are some tips for pampering your lingerie and avoiding any disaster.

No. 1 : Check the label

This is the basic rule : if you have the slightest doubt about the maintenance of a product, refer to the pictograms on the inside label before starting in order to avoid damage.

No. 2 : Wash by hand

Wash your lingerie in lukewarm water, with neutral soap or special products for silk, then rinse thoroughly. Be careful not to twist the fabric when you wring out your underwear: squeeze it gently to prevent it from becoming deformed or losing its elasticity. We advise you to use two terry towels: place your lingerie on the first and cover it with the second. Then press so that the towels absorb the moisture. It's simple and risk-free!

No. 3 : Keep it cool

If you opt for machine washing, use a program for delicate fabrics (30°), place your lingerie in a washing bag and remember to staple the bras to prevent the hooks from damaging a lace insert. or embroidery.

No. 4 : Use a detergent for delicate fabrics

Never use products containing chlorine, bleach, bleach or fabric softener. These products risk attacking the fibers, yellowing them, causing allergic reactions or damaging the elasticity of the items, which could alter their holding qualities.

No. 5 : Separate the colors

We know, it requires a little organization but it's essential to keep the color of the underwear intact.

No. 6 : Ban the dryer

A real enemy for lingerie as it weakens fine materials, modifies the color, loses elasticity, damages the shells or damages the underwire covers. To avoid these problems, opt instead for drying in the open air: lay your lingerie flat on a clean, dry terry towel. Above all, avoid hanging it on a hanger or on a drying rack so as not to mark or damage it!

No. 7 : Do not iron delicate lingerie

Be careful, iron, even at low temperatures, is also formidable! If you don't want to burn or damage your underwear, avoid ironing it.

No. 8 : Take care of storing your underwear

To avoid damaging your lingerie, it is essential to store it carefully. Padded bras, for example, can quickly deform if they are compressed: to avoid this type of problem, we advise you to nest them inside each other.

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