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How to choose your plus size panties and stockings according to your body shape?

Choisir ses culottes et bas grande taille selon sa morphologie

Briefs, classic or sculpting panties, shorties, tanga, thong... finding the lingerie bottom best suited to your body shape can sometimes be a headache. To find the one that will perfectly fit the curves of your body and make you feel beautiful and sexy... follow our advice!

Know your panty size

First of all, you need to know your size, which is essential to being comfortable in underwear that is neither too tight nor too big. To do this, nothing could be simpler: equip yourself with a tape measure and then measure your hip circumference and your waist circumference. We will then guide you step by step in our size guide for panties and stockings.

And above all, don't forget: size is just a number. Whatever your expectations, buy a bottom that fits your measurements. Bottoms that are too small will cut into and mark your silhouette and will be uncomfortable. Conversely , a bottom that fits your size will hide small flaws, flatten a stomach that is a little too round, etc.

Being beautiful means above all being comfortable in your underwear!

Choosing a lower body according to your body shape

Do you have wide hips?

Avoid stockings with sides that are too thin or too high-cut, which will accentuate the width of your hips. Opt instead for a covering form such as briefs, panties or shorties which will shape your shapes.

Do you have flat buttocks?

Does your figure show little volume in the buttocks? Choose panties or shorties that will encompass them and give a curved effect. The elastic must pass well at the level of the gluteal crease so that it does not cut into the buttock and accentuate the lack of shape.

Avoid briefs, thongs or tangas that do not provide any support for your buttocks. The same goes for shapes that are too tight and do not create volume.

You have plump buttocks

Show off your curves and treat yourself! Shorty , thong, tanga, panties or briefs , everything is allowed for you as long as the elastic passes well under the buttock crease.

Do you have round buttocks?

If your buttocks are a little "chubby", choose a covering bottom (panty or shorty), which will shape and erase the defects provided that the elastic passes well in the crease of the buttock.
You can also opt for a thong or tanga as long as it is the right size.

Remove from your shopping bag shapes that are too high-cut or maxi briefs that will emphasize your curves.

Do you have a little belly?

Briefs that reach the waist or high-rise panties will be your best allies. The height of the product will erase unsightly effects at the waist level. Plus, the elastic won't roll away as soon as you bend in half or sit down.

Prefer models with a bib or a lined and blocked (non-elastic) yoke with a seam. It will support your stomach and give you more comfort.

To further erase unsightly shapes, adopt sculpting panties , slimmer panties or panties.


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