Bath Guide

Which swimsuit for which body type?

Ready to make waves? Whether you embrace your shape a little or a lot, free yourself from your complexes and enhance your assets with the ideal swimsuit for your body type.

Sans Complexe Lingerie answers all your questions to guide you towards the swimsuit that will enhance your figure by the beach or the pool.

1. Which bikini top for large breasts?

Cups C, D, E or F, your swimsuit must guarantee you perfect support. If you have a generous bust, your best ally is the full-cup underwired bikini top for its enveloping and comfortable cut.

Fan of underwire? You can opt for a model with foam shells or cups which provide natural but effective support.

2. Which swimsuit to choose when you have a belly?

Between one and two-piece swimsuits, the tankini offers you total freedom of movement thanks to its fluid, slightly flared cut that follows the curves without marking them. The right length, just above the hips, blurs the small belly and highlights the legs.

It is generally worn with classic swim Briefs for a "0 complex, 100% comfort" look.

3. Which swimsuit for a curvy woman?

The one-piece swimsuit is suitable for all body shapes and it especially flatters women with curves because it unifies and magnifies the entire silhouette. This swimsuit is a key piece of the beach wardrobe, available in very chic and feminine styles for larger sizes.

If you like two-piece swimsuits, opt for a top or tankini that shows off the neckline with slightly low-cut Briefs.

4. What shape of swimsuit to shape the chest?

The plunging or rounded shapes nicely highlight the generous chest.

A model with thin cups enhances the breasts to provide shape without adding volume.

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5. Which swimsuit when you have wide hips?

If you are self-conscious about your wide hips or thighs, choose a low-cut swimsuit. With less coverage at the thigh level, it gives the impression of thinner and slender legs for a very sexy look. Harmonize the silhouette by creating volume at the top, for example with a printed headband.

Avoid high pants and knots or ruffles on the sides which will tend to make you look wider.

6. Which swimsuit after 50?

If you are 50 or older, you might want to look for a swimsuit with a lifting effect to help you have a firmer bust. You will look lovely with a full-length or cupped swimsuit, even without underwire!

In terms of style, show off a trendy look with sunny and modern patterns. They help to hide small complexes with their trompe-l'oeil effect. For a more timeless charm, aim for models with clean lines in sober two- or three-color palettes.

7. Which bikini bottom to enhance the buttocks?

Dare bottoms with vibrant prints and colors, bows, belts and textured fabrics to create the illusion of fuller buttocks.


8. Which swimsuit when you have square shoulders?

If you want to slim down your build, prefer simple tops with a V or triangle neckline.

Also consider balancing your silhouette with more covering, accessorized or colorful stockings.

9. Which swimsuit to mark the size?

High swim Briefs are a sure bet for having a wasp waist with their very fashionable retro side. In addition, it has a modeling effect which blurs curves if you have a stomach.

You can also choose a fitted one-piece swimsuit or one with worked details at the waist such as pleats or gathers.

10. What outfit to wear by the pool or at the beach?

To complete your beach look, there's nothing like a beautiful tunic, flowing pants that float in the sea breeze or a beach kimono. To match without moderation with all your swimsuits!