grande taille

How to wear your large size bra correctly?

Comment bien porter son soutien-gorge grande taille ?

For Sans Complexe, being comfortable in your skin means being comfortable in your clothes and lingerie. It is therefore essential to choose the right bra: the right size and shape of course, but also to be sure to wear it well. Follow these few tips to help you with your fittings.

I. Know your bra size

First of all, make sure you know your bra size!
A not-so-trivial reminder: did you know that more than 80% of women choose the wrong bra size?

Arm yourself with a tape measure to measure your back and chest circumference. You will be able to deduce your size and cup depth.
Rest assured, Sans Complexe accompanies you step by step in its size guide.

II. Trying on your bra: the essential points

That's it, have you done your shopping? Go to the fitting room or quietly in your room to try on your latest finds and admire yourself in front of the mirror.
And yes, we are going to go over all the essential points to know if you have chosen your plus size bra.

Put your bra on correctly

First put on the straps then clip your bra at least tight. You will maintain the flexibility of your shoulders and you will avoid damaging it by turning it forward.

Most of the support is provided by the back strap and the straps. It is important to pay attention to this!
You should feel comfortable, free in your movements and supported.

The back strap should fit well and not ride up.
To find out if this is indeed the case, do the following test: if you can slide a finger between the bra and your skin, it is perfectly adjusted.

If the back circumference goes up then it is too wide. If it is too small, it will mark your silhouette.

Position your chest correctly in your bra

Next, make sure your chest is positioned correctly in your bra. To do this, lean forward so that your chest fills the cup well.
Using your opposite hand, position your breast towards the center and hold the underwire in place with the other hand.

Adjust the straps correctly

There is no point in tightening your bra straps too much. On the contrary, straps that are too tight will mark or even hollow out your shoulders and cause your back to rise.
A properly tensioned strap should allow you to pass a finger between the strap and the shoulder without problem.

Note that most women do not have symmetrical breasts. A different adjustment for each strap is therefore completely normal.
Some of us may have drooping shoulders. Choose a classic or fitted model whose straps are more centered.
Balconette or half-cup bras should in fact be avoided because the straps are more off-center.

Little tip: you can overcome this problem by crossing your straps with a strap closer clip, which will also be useful for crossed back tops in summer.

Wear the right hat

To make sure you have chosen the right cup, look at the underwire of the bra.

This should go all the way to the back of the breast and completely surround it. If this is the case, your cup will then cover the breast well.

An underwire that is too short will not sufficiently encompass the breast at the level of your underarm and will cause an unsightly shape on the side of the chest. We therefore advise you to choose a larger cup size.

A suitable cup will sit well on your breast. If the chest is overflowing, your bra is too small. If it yawns, you need a smaller cup size (eg: a C cup instead of a D cup).

Now turn around and look at yourself in profile: your chest should be well supported and lifted.

A well-placed cleavage

The cleavage corresponds to the central part of the bra which must be pressed against your skin. If you can fit a finger under it, your bra is the wrong size.

The comfort of your bra

It's time to check if the bra keeps all its promises... Raise your arms, move: the bra must stay in place, not cut you and be comfortable.

If it shifts when you move and your chest is not held in the cup and you have to put it back in place, then your size is not the right one. Choose a size smaller than the one chosen.

III. A suitable bra shape

Well chosen, your large size bra will become your everyday ally.

Dresses, backless tops... vary your outfits with a bandeau bra, shape your chest under a light shirt with a padded spacer bra.
The classic underwired bra adapts to all styles and ensures perfect support and comfort.

For more information on how to choose your bra shape, go to our shape guide.

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