Invisible underwear: lingerie adaptable to all outfits

Sous-vêtements invisibles : une lingerie adaptable à toutes les tenues

A pretty tight or transparent dress is waiting for you in your dressing room and you don't dare wear it because you don't like seeing your underwear showing. The solution: invisible lingerie. This type of lingerie is hidden subtly behind your clothes while guaranteeing support and comfort.


What is invisible lingerie?

Invisible lingerie is by definition lingerie that does not appear under clothing. It differs from traditional lingerie by its composition and material. It is often made from a soft, light and elastic fabric: microfiber. This fabric blends naturally with the skin so that no trace is visible.


With what outfits should you wear invisible lingerie?

Being imperceptible to the naked eye, you can wear invisible lingerie for any occasion and with any outfit. But it is especially essential if you wear the following clothes:

  • Tight or close-fitting clothing: dresses, skirts, tight tops hug your shape but also all the contours of your underwear if they are not invisible;
  • Clothing with transparent fabric: wearing clothes with transparent fabric is not a bad taste... if you use the right lingerie. Invisible lingerie does not appear beneath the fabric;
  • Lace clothing: lace tends to show skin, and with it, lingerie. If you're wearing a lace top or dress, stay refined by opting for invisible underwear;
  • Strapless dress or top: there are strapless bra models. It would be a shame to see them protruding from your shoulders when you really want to show them off.


How to choose your plus size invisible lingerie?

Before purchasing a discreet and invisible set, you need to ask yourself a few questions to make the right choice.


  • When are you going to wear these underwear?

To choose your invisible lingerie carefully, you need to think about your needs. Why do you want to buy invisible underwear? Are you going to wear them every day, or for a specific occasion like a wedding? Are you planning to wear them with a particular outfit? Should we have straps or not? All these questions will help you choose the most suitable lingerie model.


  • What color is invisible lingerie?

Invisible lingerie is lingerie that replaces your skin. The model you choose must therefore perfectly match the shade of your skin tone. You will find a wide choice of colors for your invisible lingerie in store and online. It can range from flesh-colored to brown, including powder pink, mother-of-pearl or even caramel.

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  • What size to choose?

The right size, of course! If this is true for lingerie in general, it is even more true for invisible underwear. If you take underwear that is too small, then a demarcation between your skin and your underwear may appear. If you choose a size larger, this time it is the lingerie that risks creating creases.


What are the different types of invisible lingerie?

When it comes to invisible underwear , you are spoiled for choice and you can even create stylish and discreet sets at the same time.

The large size invisible bra: the all-purpose asset

Most bra models are available in an “invisible” version, thanks to their color. You will therefore find demi-cup, triangle or even push-up bras. But there are very specific models designed to go completely unnoticed under your tops.


  • The spacer bra

Spacer bras have no seams thanks to a special design technique: laser cutting. These bras are renowned for their comfort thanks to the smooth and soft material, and the extra-flat finishes prevent marks and other irritations.


  • The strapless bra

As its name suggests, the strapless bra is preferred for outfits with a strapless top. This bra offers good support: the wide band placed at the bust applies light pressure to the lower chest, for a nice shaping effect.


  • The bandeau bra

The bandeau bra is enveloping enough to cover the chest well and provide excellent support, even for larger cup sizes. Generally, the bandeau bra has removable straps, allowing you to easily wear clothes that free your shoulders and back.


  • The bra with adjustable straps

Some bras have adjustable straps, meaning you can play with them and place them as you wish depending on your outfit. They can be placed in a classic way on each side of your bust, or you can cross them.

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Invisible lingerie: choose the ideal bottoms

Once you have found your ideal bra , you need to choose the bottom. Good news, there are also panties, thongs and other body stockings made of microfiber and without visible seams.


  • Invisible panties

As with bras, invisible panties have no seams at the thighs, which allows them to go unnoticed. They also have no elastic and therefore avoid compressing your skin at the waist. Another advantage of panties: they are suitable for all body types.


  • The invisible thong

Like the classic thong, the invisible thong does not mark the buttocks. The absence of seams means it does not leave a mark on the waist. The invisible thong highlights women with pronounced hips and rounded buttocks.


  • The invisible tanga

The invisible tanga is also seamless so nothing shows. In terms of shape, it is a little more covering than the thong while highlighting the natural curve of the buttocks. Reserved for women with rounded buttocks.


  • The invisible shorty

The invisible shorty is suitable for all body types. On the one hand, it gives an impression of volume for women whose shapes are a little discreet, all without marking the skin. On the other hand, it is perfectly suited to women with generous shapes since it redraws the curve of the buttocks.


  • Invisible shaping panties

Another possibility for you: invisible shaping panties , or invisible shapewear. The shaping panties evenly model the shapes and small bulges that may bother you, without ever marking the waist. Some shapewear panties can be high-waisted. It's up to you to see what you need to make the right choice.

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You now have all the keys to choosing and proudly wearing your invisible lingerie. Treat yourself!