Absorbent lingerie

Period underwear

Culotte menstruelle - féminine et ultra absorbante

Pretty, comfortable and absorbent !

Menstrual panties are a solution to allow women to stay dry during their periods, wash and reuse their sanitary protection and save money.

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Les modèles absorbants - Miss Sans Complexe Lingerie

Pack of 2 menstrual briefs - ELENA

For medium flow - €46.50

> Buy the Elena briefs

Menstrual briefs - ROSIE

For medium flow - 25€

> Buy the Rosie briefs

Pack of 2 menstrual shorties - ELENA

For heavy flow - 48€

> Get the Elena shorty

Menstrual shorty - ROSIE

For heavy flow - €29

> Get the Rosie shorty

Des couches absorbantes pour vous garder au sec

Our technology

1: A DRAINING and ultra soft material in organic cotton with an anti-bacterial and anti-odor treatment.

2: An ultra ABSORBENT natural material made from bamboo fibers for a protection up to 12 hours. One layer for light flows, two layers for heavy flows.

3: A waterproof , LEAK-PROOF material to stay peaceful all day

Disponible en 2 formes : slip ou shorty

Care tips

  • Rinse after each use with cold water until the water runs clear.​
  • Machine wash at 30° and it's even better in a washing net !​
  • Do not add fabric softener as this reduces absorption.
  • Dry them inside out so you can put them back on as quickly as possible (the dryer is prohibited to protect the absorbent diapers)

Recommendation : Remember to wash your hands well before use and change the product regularly.

How to choose ?

If you haven't yet taken the plunge on menstrual underwear, here is some additional information that can help you better understand them and make your choice.