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How to choose your plus size sculpting lingerie?

Comment choisir sa lingerie sculptante grande taille ?

Sans Complexe Lingerie was born from a single conviction: to allow all women to express their generous femininity with confidence through their lingerie desires.

To do this, sculpting underwear is a great ally! Very trendy and sought-after, this category of lingerie finds a place of honor in the women's wardrobe in order to change everyday life in complete discretion.

Sculpting lingerie (or shapewear in English) features “shape perfecting” models that enhance the shapes in everyday life or during a formal evening. We present to you our different shaping and shaping bras and body stockings to display a perfect silhouette. The powers of shapewear lingerie are yours!

    1. Sculpting lingerie: shaping or shaping, what's the difference?

    There are two types of sculpting lingerie: shaping lingerie or shaping lingerie. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one that will meet your expectations.

    Shaping lingerie

    Shaping lingerie visually reduces the waistline and erases imperfections. Slimming underwear adheres to your body like a second skin to slim you down in the blink of an eye.

    Shaping lingerie

    Modeling lingerie, for its part, sculpts and redraws your generous curves giving a more harmonious effect to your silhouette.

    2. What are the models of sculpting lingerie?

    Sculpting underwear is evolving towards increasingly practical shapes which, just as covering, offer the possibility of creating resolutely modern and feminine looks. Shaping or shaping lingerie is available in several models that adapt to the body shapes of all women.

    Shaping panties

    The very high waist shaping panties are THE piece of shapewear lingerie to have in your wardrobe. Perfect for all silhouettes, it goes up on the hips and stomach, hiding small bulges.

    Its gaining effect? Flat stomach and wasp waist assured, enhanced buttocks.

    shaping panties

    Shaping panty

    More covering than panties, the shaping panty encompasses the body from below the breasts to mid-thighs. Its maximum covering action ensures a flawless slimming effect. The shaping panty is ideal for women with very generous shapes.

    Its gaining effect? Hips, buttocks and thighs sculpted and slimmed.

    shaping panty

    Shaping panties

    The high-waisted shaping panties reshape the lower body to harmonize your silhouette and nicely enhance the curves. Its line discreetly refines the hips and accentuates the roundness of the buttocks.

    Its modeling effect? Slimmed hips and shapely buttocks.

    shaping panties

    Other shaping body stockings: briefs, thong and tanga

    Briefs, thongs and tanga are also available in shaping lingerie versions. Unlike classic cuts, they are designed in a second-skin effect grip mesh, soft and fluid. They remain very pleasant to wear throughout the day.

    Their modeling effect? Raised buttocks.


    Shaping bra

    The shaping bra instantly gives shape to the neckline. The volume of the breasts is rebalanced to provide a nice rounded shape to the chest. Its structure offers unrivaled support.

    Its modeling effect? Refocused and enhanced chest.

    Shaping body

    The shaping body will do wonders to your profile. It combines the benefits of a shaping bra and high-waisted shaping panties. The shaping bodysuit is a great asset that will go incognito under your tight-fitting clothes.

    Its modeling effect? Refined and curved silhouette.

    shaping body

    3. What size of sculpting lingerie should you choose?

    For your sculpting lingerie to be truly effective, choosing the right size is essential. If too small, it will be uncomfortable and will unsightly mark your skin. Too big, it will not offer the desired sculpting effect.

    Take the time to calculate your bra and lower body sizes before purchasing. In general, stick to your usual size . If you have any doubts, you can ask for advice or consult the size guide.

    shaping lingerie

    4. What materials and colors for your sculpting lingerie?

    Sculpting lingerie is mainly made of cotton, polyamide and elastane. These are soft and stretchy materials that guarantee optimal comfort.

    Very resistant to protect you from the cold in winter and anti-humidity to keep the skin cool in summer, these materials can be worn without moderation!

    In terms of colors, choose skin tones or white for 100% invisibility. Under the most glamorous outfits, opt for black or dark shades which will reinforce the slimming effect.

    5. How do you know if your shapewear is good quality?

    Excellent quality sculpting underwear has specific features such as discreet seams and flat finishes to leave no visible demarcation.

    The inner edge at the waist of the lower body should have an elastic, non-slip silicone band to hold the sheath against the skin, preventing slipping. Please note, the slimming agents in shapewear lose their capacity over time and use. You can still keep them as shaping underwear.

    plus size lingerie