Lingerie trend: floral print

A must-have in women's fashion, the floral print takes over plus size lingerie with sparkling colors to brighten up your wardrobe in any season.

At Sans Complexe, there is a wide variety of feminine, colorful and delicate floral designs. Here are some tips for finding the floral print that suits you.

What style of floral lingerie for generous breasts?

Small flower print
Pieces dotted with fine flowers are this year's big trend. This small floral pattern is best suited for women with generous busts who want to add fantasy to their outfit.

The “liberty” spirit print particularly appeals to the most romantic with its bohemian and graceful side.

Oversized floral print
Real assets of large size underwear, maxi petals will enchant your lingerie drawer with their fragrant and sensual notes.

The perfect outfit to highlight the figure? The superposition of large flowers on a plain background gives a very chic look.

Abstract floral print
To satisfy the desire to revisit the classic, the stylized floral print is an essential. This print creates a very picturesque effect on your bras and bottoms.

More sober and minimalist, it gives a sophisticated all-purpose style that can be worn well in all seasons and occasions.

The bucolic print with contrasts
The flower print in contrasting colors offers a break from monotony with lingerie pieces with strong character. Red on black, yellow on purple, orange on blue, the flowers play with bold contrasts.

A more dynamic variation of wearing a floral print while remaining refined and natural.

3 tips to be original with a floral pattern

Choose the color of the floral print according to your skin tone
For a very sharp look, the color of your lingerie can match your skin tone. Warm colors like red and orange look great on darker or matte skin tones. Lighter skin tones are best highlighted by pastel or cool colors like blue or green.

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Create mismatched sets with different floral prints
For the more daring, the mix of prints will liven up the lingerie drawer! The floral pattern goes easily with other floral or graphic patterns, following the advice for a mastered “mix and match”.

Opt for floral lace, a timeless alternative
The floral theme isn't just for prints. Floral lace is timeless, perfect in all circumstances. A bouquet where color and lace give a very attractive result, which effectively completes the outfit without fading the style.

What if we dared to wear pajamas outdoors?

The floral pattern is very often found in spring collections which are synonymous with renewal, color and freshness. We often talk to you about lingerie that you can no longer hide by combining pants with a bodysuit or even using a piece of pajamas as part of your outfit of the day. Well, let's kill two with one stone and combine the two. With our camisole and floral shorts from the Tiffany line for example, you can create a daring outfit by combining them with jeans, a skirt or a plain top to leave the pattern talk about himself

Although we see it come back every year, the floral pattern is a must-have that we never get tired of.