Women's underwear: how to choose a color?

Comment choisir une couleur de lingerie ?

Choosing the right lingerie means choosing lingerie that is comfortable and adapted to your body shape, but not only that. The choice of color is also essential. It reflects your personality and your mood. You have to select the right tones according to your hair color or your clothing style. Focus on the symbolism of each color and the advice to follow to make the right choice.

The meaning of colors

What your lingerie reveals about you

Pink, blue, black, white... The colors offered in women's underwear are varied and are of great importance. Each one reflects an emotion, a character trait, a mood. Overview of the meanings of each color in lingerie.

Black, the card of elegance

Black is one of the classic and timeless colors for women's underwear. It is a must-have that can be used both on a daily basis and on a special evening. In lingerie, black is the symbol of elegance and charm. The woman who wears black, a sober and powerful color at the same time, can be associated with the famous “femme fatale”, mysterious and infallible.

White, symbol of purity

White is inseparable from the symbolism of marriage and purity. Just like black, this color remains a classic in lingerie, for a delicate and refined look. Synonymous with innocence, peace, virginity and even light, white lingerie appeals to women in search of naturalness and simplicity. Often combined with lace for a sexier look, this color is very delicate and requires careful handling when washing to maintain an impeccable shine.

Blue, an all-purpose color

A symbol of wisdom and loyalty, blue underwear has an undeniable advantage: it suits all skin and hair tones. Discreet, blue would have a comforting, reassuring effect, while being very conventional and rather neutral. Combined with lace and transparent effects, blue can also become sexy and seductive. You will have understood, this color is a safe bet.

Red, the choice of passion

In the imagination as in lingerie, red connotes passionate love, the forbidden, fire or even heat. Red lingerie is eye-catching and symbolizes excitement, power and ambition. Unlike blue, of which it is the opposite, red is in fact an intense color that inspires passion. It should be noted that depending on your hair color and skin color, certain shades of red are preferred. In any case, red underwear is one of the essentials to have in your lingerie drawer, to be taken out at the right times.

Purple, for a refined style

Uncommon, purple is also popular on women's underwear. This bright color refers to royalty, luxury and sophistication but not only that. Notes of sensuality permeate this shade. It will bring personality and originality to your lingerie collection.

Nude ”, or invisibility

Nude color, or nude in English – more chic – is a powdery shade close to the color of the skin. This tone is attracting more and more women, looking for discreet, soft, almost invisible lingerie, the opposite of exuberance. Other darker shades are also available in the women's underwear ranges, bringing even more chic.

Green, vector of positivity

The biggest lingerie brands have gone green, and offer sets ranging from pine green to mint green. Symbol of hope, luck but also of nature with its large forests, the green tone is synonymous with acceptance and freedom of the woman's body. Floral patterns and plant trends go very well with this color for very trendy and original underwear.

Pink, the note of romance

Do you want to attract attention without being overtly seductive? Pink underwear is your perfect friend. Romanticism, tenderness and sensitivity remain the key words to describe the emotions aroused by this color which enhances all skin tones.