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How to wash your underwear?

Comment laver vos sous-vêtements ?

To keep your favorite lingerie in good condition for as long as possible, knowing how to maintain it correctly is essential. Just as beautiful as they are fragile, worn every day, wash after wash, your underwear risks becoming deformed or loosened and losing the optimal support and comfort that has won you over.

As a specialist in plus size lingerie , Sans Complexe shares with you the right actions to adopt to properly wash and maintain your underwear. Long live lingerie!

What do the symbols on underwear labels mean?

Like all clothing, lingerie items have a label specifying the washing instructions to follow. The little symbols are essential to know to take proper care of your lingerie and prevent it from shrinking or getting damaged when it goes through the machine. While some pictograms are quite intuitive, others are more difficult to decipher. Here is a simple explanation to understand each of these symbols.

The pictograms are always displayed in the order of the care steps: washing, bleaching, ironing, professional care and drying.


Instructions for washing lingerie

The Sans Complexe Lingerie tip

To preserve the colors after the first wash, soak your lingerie in a mixture of water, white vinegar and a pinch of sugar, then rinse with clean water.

By hand or by machine, never separate your sets to avoid color variations.



Ironing lingerie is a subject that can be debated between those who take the time to do it and those who do without it. To be sure to follow good practices, we follow the etiquette:


Certain garments, due to their construction or the materials they contain, may require the intervention of a professional to carry out washing that does not damage the garment. Since dry cleaners also need indications, here are the pictograms that correspond to them:


If washing has its rules to respect, the same goes for drying. Golden rule of lingerie care: no tumble dryer!

The Sans Complexe Lingerie tip

Do not use a dryer for your underwear. The high temperature can melt the fibers.

Avoid clothespins which can leave marks and damage delicate fabrics.

How to wash your underwear by hand?

It is advisable to always wash your underwear by hand . Your body stockings and bras are delicate pieces, especially if with underwire, cups or lace because these parts can easily be damaged or caught on the drum in the machine.

Water at 30°C maximum and Marseille soap or a very gentle detergent are the perfect combination for washing your lingerie by hand. To begin, immerse your underwear for no more than 5 minutes in lukewarm water before gently soaping it. Light rubbing is permitted only to remove stains.

Rinse them with lukewarm water first and then with cold water. Spinning must also be very delicate in order to preserve the elasticity of the fabrics. Finally, drying is done flat on a bath towel or drying rack. No more ironing, your underwear cannot withstand heatstroke!

Can you machine wash underwear?

For those in a hurry who cannot do without the machine, you can use the washing machine provided you respect a few rules. The most important: sort your lingerie by separating colors, whites and blacks.

Second step, close the staples so they don't tear the lace or embroidery. Next, insert your underwear into a washing net. This precaution will provide an additional layer of protection against the speed of washing.

When launching the program, don't forget to take a look at the label, you will find all the information you need there. Otherwise, the magic formula to remember: temperature at 30°C maximum plus a detergent for delicate products without perborate or clore. Do not use fabric softeners which can weaken the fibers and especially irritate your skin. Choose a slow spin cycle at 800 revolutions per minute or less. Now you can launch your machine with complete peace of mind!

How to store your lingerie properly?

Not to be neglected, storage plays an essential role in the perfect care of your lingerie on a daily basis. The underwires and cups of a poorly stored bra will deteriorate more quickly, harming the support of your generous breasts. The ideal way to guarantee your underwear a thriving life is to nest them inside each other . This way you will save space in your lingerie drawer to buy new ones!

As for your panties, briefs and other body stockings, you can organize them by shape or style by storing them in storage boxes . This technique will allow you to protect them from light: you may not know it, but prolonged exposure to UV rays can alter colors.

The lingerie bag is also very useful for storing your underwear wherever you are. Sans Complexe Lingerie offers you a practical and reusable cotton canvas bag from organic farming.

By following our washing and maintenance advice, a promising future awaits you for your underwear!