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    Accessories White washing net
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    Accessories Washing net

    Sale price8,00€
    Accessories Back extension - Set of 3 Black & Nude & White
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    Accessories Greige gift bag
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    Accessories Gift bag

    Sale price4,00€
    Accessories Shoulder strap pads Flesh
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    Accessories Strap pads

    Sale price7,50€
    Accessories Strap pads Black
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    Accessories Strap pads

    Sale price7,50€

    Equip your lingerie drawer with our must-have accessories for even more comfortable and pleasant lingerie. Thanks to our back extensions, make your lingerie last even longer and enjoy your favorite model at the same time as your body changes. Our strap pads allow you to wear your plus size bra as comfortably as possible and be more than comfortable with your straps.

    Do you want to make a unique gift and offer a Sans Complexe large size lingerie set to your loved ones? We have the solution ! Keep the secret until the last moment by hiding your surprise in a gift bag. And if you want to protect your plus size lingerie from machine washing, put it in a washing net.

    Enjoy your favorite plus size lingerie for as long as possible with our collection of accessories that you soon won't be able to live without.

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