Co-creation collection

The meeting between inspiring athletes and the Sans Complexe Lingerie creative teams

Athlete's state of mind

At Sans Complexe Lingerie, we are committed to supporting women in their life journey, to making them shine and celebrating them. We believe in the strength and audacity of those who dare.

With Paroles d'Athletes , we highlight the inspiring portraits of three high-level athletes. They are champions, women, students, and much more. Together we have created a collection of lingerie, from M to XXL , which meets their desire for comfort and femininity while being accessible to everyone.

Meet the women behind the sportswomen .

Portrait de Romane Dicko, championne du monde de judo

World judo champion

Romane Dicko

Romane's state of mind :

“I have always been the tallest, the heaviest… the one with a different body, who you will notice in a group.

Thanks to sport, I managed to flourish, to make this body an asset. I want to show that you can be a fighter, a woman who fights on the tatami and who likes to be feminine!”

I am strong because of this body!
Portrait de Kalidiatou Niakaté, championne du monde de handball

World handball champion

Kalidiatou Niakaté

Kalidiatou's state of mind:

"I'm rather feminine, I haven't always been. Even when I was young, I was a tomboy because I was often told 'oh you have broad shoulders, you have boyish shoulders.'

It's true that in general we don't really associate sport with femininity. We need to show the younger generation that women are strong, they can play sports and win medals."

I have a sports body and I'm proud of it!
Portrait d'Anita Blaze, championne du monde d'escrime

Vice-world fencing champion

Anita Blaze

Anita's state of mind:

“Femininity is unique to everyone. As a fencer, I have one thigh and one arm bigger than the other. It’s asymmetrical, but I put it into perspective, I love my body.

My strength: not paying attention to people's looks and going forward with a goal in mind."

I love myself because I am myself!

Behind the scenes of co-creation