1. What is a cookie?
  2. Use of cookies on our website.
  3. Cookies that we place on third-party websites.
  4. What is the advantage of a website and advertisements that are tailored to your browsing ?
  5. Device-sharing with other users
  6. Manage your browser’s cookies.

I. What is a cookie?
A cookie is a computer file that is placed on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) when you visit our website or a third-party website. This file collects and stores information in order to improve your browsing and offer you appropriate content.

II. Use of cookies on our website.
When you browse our website, we place different types of cookies on your device in order to:
optimise the display of the website on your screens,
collect statistics in order to improve the quality of browsing on the website,
memorise information relating to you (login, password, etc.),
provide better login security
You can personalise your cookies by clicking on the “Personalise my preferences” link.
III. Cookies issued by third-party websites on our website.
For the purpose of promoting our activities and offers, advertisements that are shown directly or through a service provider on third-party websites or applications may also contain cookies issued by these same third parties.
While cookies are valid, they enable them to recognise your device during future browsing on any website or application where they also have cookies. These third parties will thus be able to offer you browsing, services and/or advertisements that are tailored to the recognised device, as applicable.
The placing and use of cookies by these third parties are subject to their privacy protection policies.
Only the issuer of a cookie can read it or alter the information stored.

IV. Cookies that we place on third-party websites.

While you browse the Internet, you may be exposed to one of our advertisements. This advertising content may also contain cookies to recognise your device’s browser. While they are valid, these cookies are used to:
- Distribute our advertisements:
Count displays/activations of advertisements displayed on third-party websites/applications.
Identify this advertising content and these websites/applications.
Keep a record of the number of people who click on each content.
Determine the amounts to be paid to each advertising actor (websites or distribution media, service providers, etc.).
Collect statistics on this advertising content.
- Track your subsequent browsing on websites/applications or other advertising content with cookies managed by us.
- Tailor the website to your device:
Ensure that the website to which our advertisements lead is displayed properly:
Depending on the hardware, reading/viewing software and settings of your device (language, operating system, etc.).
Depending on your location, after you have agreed.

V. What is the advantage of a website and advertisements that are tailored to your browsing?

The use of cookies enables us to offer you more relevant advertisements based on your recent browsing on one or more websites/applications. The collected data helps us to work out, in real time, which advertisement to display on which device. The Internet user will thus be offered advertisements that are in line with these interests.

VI. Device-sharing with other users
If you share your device and your browser’s cookie configuration with other users, we cannot guarantee that the services and advertisements intended for your device will match your own browsing/use or that of another user. This sharing is your free choice and your responsibility.

VII. Manage your browser’s cookies.

It is up to the user to decide whether a cookie is placed on a device. You can manage these cookies free of charge within your browser settings, at any time and as you wish. Please note that changes that you make may affect your browsing and your access to certain services which require the use of cookies.
You can decide:
that cookies will be placed or rejected systematically in your browser,
whether to accept or reject specific cookies before they are placed.

A. Acceptance of Cookies
The acceptance of cookies in your browser results in their being placed in a dedicated space on your device. Only their issuers can read them.

B. Rejection of cookies
By rejecting or deleting cookies issued by us, you may no longer benefit from certain services that are necessary to browse all or part of our website, such as:
Access to our content or services requiring identification.
Recognition of your device and its settings: language, display, country, etc.
If you do so, we decline all responsibility for the consequences of malfunctioning of our services due to the fact that we cannot place or use cookies that are essential for them to function properly.

C. Setting your options according to your browser.
The way in which cookies are managed is specific to each browser. To configure your choices in relation to cookies, you can refer to the help section of your browsing software.