Sculpting lingerie or ���Shapewear���, the essential trend

Shapewear has been part of women's lives for generations. Do you see this corset that women of the time wore? It was already sculpting lingerie! Today, the ranges are much more varied: midi briefs and high-waisted briefs, panties or even molded bras for example, there is something for everyone! At Sans Complexe Lingerie, our collection of sculpting lingerie is available in rather neutral colors such as nude, white or black to make an impact without being too visible under the outfit.

What is the difference between classic lingerie and sculpting lingerie?

As in ready-to-wear, shapewear no longer only aims to make you lose a size and make you look slimmer, it mainly aims to help you have a more defined silhouette, features accentuated and softened shapes. For women with large breasts, large-size sculpting lingerie is an opportunity to remove some complexes that are difficult to get rid of. If your generous chest can sometimes weigh you down, for example, the minimizer bra will give you the illusion of one cup size less. Do you want to sculpt your chest naturally? The molded bra will be perfect for hugging your curves.

In the panties and other body stockings category, shapewear offers a variety of underwear shapes to meet different needs. If, despite the affection you have for it, your little belly makes it difficult for you to wear a certain outfit, shapewear panties are a good choice to help you distribute the shapes on your body. Do you have generous hips and want to sculpt your lower body? Bet on panties!

How does sculpting lingerie work?

The main mission of shapewear is to help you sculpt your shapes where you need them and especially where you want them. But what makes a model able to sculpt the body like this? Well, it’s above all a question of material! We use fabrics strong enough so that they can compress the body in certain places and thus maintain the silhouette. In certain cases, such as shapewear, linings can provide additional support.

And the size in all this, how to choose? If you want to purchase sculpting panties, stick to your usual size.
“Wearing sculpting panties can be surprising at first: you have a little difficulty putting them on or you feel tight and you wrongly think that you have taken a size too small but that's completely normal! The model is made to “compress” you to obtain this sculpting effect, without leaving you in discomfort!”
- Sans Complexe lingerie experts

If you have any doubts about your size, do not hesitate to consult our size guide!

How to wear sculpting lingerie?

For occasions or everyday

When we are invited to an event, we generally like to dress up and wear our best outfits. For a close-fitting look, sculpting lingerie allows you to reduce the demarcation of the stomach or outline the thighs for even more harmonious curves.
“After I gave birth, I was invited to a wedding and I had a bit of belly left from my pregnancy that I wanted to hide. I opted for the Perfect Lift panties and they won me over immediately.”- Sophia, Sans Complexe Lingerie customer

Under close-fitting outfits, it's a safe bet.

If you generally struggle with tight-fitting outfits, investing in shapewear could help you reconnect with figure-hugging clothing. Whether you like dresses that stick to your skin or pants that highlight your curves, sculpting lingerie will suit your desires. On the bra side, it has the advantage of coming in several shapes and thus suitable for all large breasts, regardless of your breast shape or your chest size.

Shaping lingerie should not be endured as a self-inflicted punishment. On the contrary, she is your ally, your partner when you need a little boost for your ego and your self-confidence. You have curves, be proud! And if you want to design them differently, give it a try, but do it well and go for quality models that will give you the comfort and silhouette you deserve.