For sustainable partnerships
and more responsible lingerie!

Our manufacturers and recruited based on highly selective criteria and extremely stringent benchmarking. We try to build local, direct and sustainable relationships for maximum traceability of our products, with partners who are certified in social responsibility to guarantee decent working conditions. Moving towards producing fashion and lingerie that cares for the environment and with better conditions for our partners is very Now, very Ethical and very Chic!

Our manufacturer

Sans Complexe Lingerie works with a limited number of partners, selected using strict criteria and monitored via the BSCI code of conduct. This guarantees good social practices within companies as well as good working conditions within production units. In addition, we use internal sourcing for our purchasing. This method means we can monitor our factories ourselves without using any kind of intermediary.

Our manufacturer

The 4 main partners who provide 80% of the volume of our products have obtained the highest level of social compliance certification based on Wrap, guaranteeing that sewn products are manufactured under lawful, humane and ethical conditions. As well as these certified guarantees, internal audits and checks are carried out on the production chains themselves with a zero tolerance approach to respect for individual rights and working conditions: failure to comply with our code of conduct leads to the supplier being removed from our list