Our employees are
our most valuable asset!

Our people-focused company strives to provide its employees, sub-contractors and partners with working conditions which are safe, respectful and motivating, where high quality and merit are rewarded: this is our vision of our mission as an employer. As our employees are our most valuable asset, their well-being is crucial to us. In particular, we are also proud to employ 78% women to serve women and meet their expectations in terms of feminine lingerie.


Respecting people and promoting diversity lie at the heart of our commitment as an employer. We are particularly keen on equal treatment, non-discrimination, corporate equality, gender equality and the gender pay gap.

In 2019, our gender equality index was 79. In 2020, our aim is to reach an index of 85%.

Our employees'

Job satisfaction is a priority for our company and is regularly monitored via consultations with staff representatives.

The well-being of our employees is guaranteed by implementing internal agreements and ethical charters, as well as agreements on the quality of life in the workplace which covers the right to disconnect and combating bullying.