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Ariane Tanga briefs
As low as €25.00

Color: Silver Peony

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Treat yourself to a pair of tanga briefs! This lingerie design is as sensual as a thong, but with slightly more coverage. They subtly show off a little more of your buttocks than standard briefs. Check out our selection of tanga briefs, available in sizes 6/8 to 22/24. We offer styles for all women, whatever their body shape. Our tanga briefs flatter your curves whilst providing you with a comfortable feel all day long.

Check out our selection of lace or microfibre tanga briefs. The lace ones feature designs ranging from graphic to floral. The microfibre ones are renowned for the softness, comfort and zero VPL, especially under close-fitting clothes. We offer plain or patterned tanga briefs in different colours. Choose from our various collections: Clémence, Miss Sans Complexe, Fantaisie, Essentials & Bodysculpting, Arum, Ariane or Lift Up.

Tanga briefs are sensual and comfortable, ideal for flattering your curves. Fall in love with this style of briefs! You can put together a seductive matching set by choosing a bra from our website. We offer half-cup and full-cup bras, with classic or spacer moulded cups, triangle or tapered cup bras, with or without underwiring, and with or without straps. In short, there's always a design to suit your style and needs! What's more, our tanga briefs are excellent value for money, as is the rest of our lingerie.

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