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Colorimetry special: what colors do you value?

Spécial colorimétrie : quelles sont les couleurs qui vous valorisent ?

Have you ever noticed that certain colors suit you better than others? Colorimetry is the art of highlighting your complexion using the colors you wear around your face. This therefore concerns clothing, jewelry and accessories, makeup, hair coloring, and of course, lingerie and swimwear .

How to determine your colorimetric profile?

In order to know which colors suit you best and which illuminate your skin, let yourself be guided step by step to diagnose your colorimetric profile . You will be able to shop THE ideal pieces for you this season!

Warm shades or cool shades: know the difference and choose your colors

Now that you know what your profile is, let's discover together the color palette, warm or cold, suited to your skin tone.

  • Warm shades

Warm colors include yellows, oranges, reds, browns, beiges and nudes. These are the colors that contain yellow pigments.

  • Cold shades

Cool colors are blue, green, purple, gray, black and white. These are predominantly blue colors.

Also note that in each range of colors there coexist shades which can be warm or cold: a blue, which is a cold color, can be warmed up with a hint of yellow. Turquoise or teal blues are therefore, for example, warm blues. Conversely, a red to which we add a hint of blue, such as a raspberry or cherry red, would become cold.

This has the considerable advantage of allowing you to wear all the colors you like, favoring them in their warm or cold tones depending on your profile.