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What lingerie to wear under your summer clothes?

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Estimated reading time: 3 min

What lingerie to wear under your summer clothes?


How to choose your colour of plus size lingerie?How to choose your colour of plus size lingerie?

Chic or basic, in bold colours or never-out-of-style white, summer is when we want to wear light-weight garments and show off more skin. Choosing the right underwear is a must: invisible lingerie is like a second skin, giving you the confidence to wear all your clothes, even the tightest-fitting and most transparent.

Sans Complexe lingerie shares tips on how to wear your comfortable under-essentials discretely with 5 summer looks!

How to choose your invisible lingerie?

  • Finding your lingerie size

First things first, you need to find the right bra or underwear size for your invisible lingerie. If your lingerie is too loose, folds and bumps will show through your clothes. If your lingerie is too tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and your lingerie will leave marks on your skin.


Your questions from our live events: How do I choose the right bra or underwear size?
Go to our size guide to find your Sans Complexe lingerie size!

  • Invisible fabrics: microfibre and lace

Microfibre is the secret behind invisible underwear; it’s fluid and stretches. Microfibre is your perfect ally; it clings to your skin and is wrinkle-free. And microfibre is very soft, so it’s nice to wear.

Lace is also a favourite for its finesse and because it can be worn with everything. Go for a sensual look and let your lace peek out from a top.

  • Seams

Invisible undergarments are usually seamless, leaving your skin free of marks. Some pieces have extra flat finishing to stay in place and ensure true discretion.

5 summer looks to wear with invisible lingerie

Invisible underwear has countless styles meeting all your needs and desires. Our selection of models will not only make you feel good, they’ll showcase your favourite summer looks!

  • What lingerie should I waer under a little black dress?

The little black dress is the authentic icon of the perfect wardrobe, ready to be worn in any season, by day or night. Flatter your silhouette in your close-fitting dress, by wearing invisible and shapewearing lingerie.

How it wears: smooths out the bumps around your hips, tummy or thighs, naturally lifts your buttocks and slims your waist.


Your questions from our live events: Thetip to firm buttocks?
Opt for briefs with a seam in the middle of your behind to make it look rounder. Most of our high waisted briefs have a seam in the middle.

Shaping and invisible high-waisted briefs for plus size figuresShaping and invisible high-waisted briefs for plus size figures

Very high-waisted briefs

• From below the breasts to mid-thighs
• Control level ++++
• Stretch and breathable fabric

Bodyshaping panty for plus size figuresBodyshaping panty for plus size figures

The panty modeling

• From below the breasts to mid-thighs
• Control level +++++
• Panelled-knit with extra tummy control
• Silicon band at the waist to keep in place
• Stretch and breathable fabric

Complete your set with an all lace bra for a feminine touch, go for our best-selling Arum in black.

  • What lingerie should I wear with a top ?

Summer means tops, the perfect feminine and casual look with jeans. The strapless bra lets you play with all styles, thanks to the removeable or multi-position straps. Ideal for bareback tops, asymmetric tops and off the shoulder looks.


Your questions from our live events: should voluptuous women prefer traditional or transparent bra straps?
As an expert in helping plus-size cup women, at Sans Complexe we prefer traditional bra straps, removeable or elastic to ensure your comfort. Transparent straps don’t provide larger-cup women with the needed maintenance, and their abrasive material may mark and irritate your skin. And transparent straps don’t age well as they yellow with time.

Invisible strapless bra for fuller bustsInvisible strapless bra for fuller busts

The bandeau/strapless bra

• Breasts are centred and lifted for a natural look
• Sides are reinforced to ensure excellent maintenance
• Flat bonnet with no middle seam
• Elastic band below the breasts to avoid bra from riding up

Top up your set with bottoms from the invisible Lift Up line, a blend of microfibre and tulle with extra-flat seams, ideal under pants or close-fitting jeans.

  • What lingerie should your wear under a crew or V-neck t-shirt?

If you’re aiming for a basic chic look, you’ve probably worn a t-shirt with a crayon skirt. Subliming your cleavage when you wear a t-shirt means wearing light invisible lingerie suited for the neckline.

Minimizer bra up to a G cupMinimizer bra up to a G cup

The minimising bra for a crew neck

How it looks: this specially crafted bra visually reduces breast size by a full cup size.

• Very comfortable fluid microfibre
• Large, padded straps
• Full-fitting cups for perfect maintenance

Soutien-gorge coques sans armatures invisible pour poitrines généreusesSoutien-gorge coques sans armatures invisible pour poitrines généreuses

The triangle bra for a V-neck

• No wiring ensures maximum comfort
• Soft cups naturally contour breasts without adding volume
• Band for added maintenance under breasts

Complete your set with a high waisted, sculpting brief or the tanga from the Perfect Shape line to discretely show off your curves.

  • The total white look: what colours should I choose for my lingerie?

To look fashionably elegant in the city or on the beach, white is the perfect companion to highlight your complexion, and bring out your tan. Avoid wearing white underwear with white clothes. Here’s what you should prefer:

Full-fitting bra made from recycled fibres for fuller busts Full-fitting bra made from recycled fibres for fuller busts

• Pastels: these soft hues won’t show under light-coloured clothes.

• Nudes: depending on your skin colouring, from beige to brown.

Dark reds: it’s no myth, they’ll be completely invisible.

Wear lingerie separates to highlight your outfit and ensure invisibility: if you’re wearing a beige top, opt for navy blue or black below to elongate your silhouette.

  • How to adopt the underwear as outerwear trend?

A true self confidence builder, underwear is now outerwear. Wear your ultra-desirable underwear as outerwear, giving your looks that sun-kissed sensuality. Don’t stop short of having fun, show off your lace and your lacings.

Best-selling Arum bustier bra made from sexy lace for fuller bustsBest-selling Arum bustier bra made from sexy lace for fuller busts

Bodysuit: with its contouring effect, the body hugs your curves and harmonizes your silhouette.

Bustier bra: it envelops your bust due to the large band beneath your breasts. The corset bra pulls up your posture and enhances your cleavage.

full-fitting bra in invisible colourfull-fitting bra in invisible colour