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How to wear my plus size bra correctly?

Estimated reading time: 2 min

Estimated reading time: 2 min

How to wear my plus size bra correctly?


Sans Complexe knows that feeling great is all about being comfortable in your lingerie and clothes. That's why choosing the right bra is essential: not just selecting the right size and shape, but also making sure you are wearing it properly. Here are a few tips to help you try on your bra.

I. Determining your bra size

First and foremost, make sure you know your correct bra size !

Some trivia for you: did you know that over 80% of women choose the wrong size bra ?

Use a tape measure to measure round your rib cage and bust.You can then determine your bra size and cup size.

Sans Complexe is here to help with its step-by-step size guide.

II. Trying on your bra: key points

Chosen your styles ?  Head off to the fitting room or the comfort of your own home to try on your latest finds and check yourself out in the mirror. Let's recap all the key steps to ensure you have chosen the right plus size bra for you.

Bien positionner le dos de votre soutien-gorge Bien positionner le dos de votre soutien-gorge
A well placed back

a. Put your bra on correctly


First, put your arms through the straps and fasten your bra on the loosest hook. This helps retain flexibility in your shoulders and avoids damaging the bra by pulling it round to the front. Most of a bra's support is provided by the back and straps.That's why it's important to make sure it fits properly at the back !

You need to feel comfortable and supported but with good freedom of movement. The back must fit properly and not ride up. To check this, carry out the following test: if you can slide a finger between the bra and your skin, that means it's the perfect fit.

If the back rides up, it's too big. If it's too small, it will dig into your skin.


b. Ensure your bust is correctly positioned in your bra


Next, ensure that your bust sits properly in your bra.Lean forward so that your bust fills the cups.

Use your opposite hand to position each breast in the centre, holding the underwire in place with the other hand.

c. Adjust the straps


Don't excessively tighten your bra straps.Straps which are too tight will dig into your shoulders and make the back ride up. Straps should be just tight enough for you to be able to easily slide a finger between the strap and the shoulder.

Note that most women do not have symmetrical breasts. You may therefore find that you need to adjust each strap differently.

Some of you may have sloping shoulders.If this is the case, go for a classic or full-cup bra with more centred straps. Avoid balconette or half-cup bras as the straps tend to be off-centre to one side.

Handy Tip : you can alleviate this problem by fastening your straps together with a clip, which is also useful for summer tops with crossover straps.


Bien positionner le dos de votre soutien-gorge Bien positionner le dos de votre soutien-gorge
Well placed straps

d.  Select the right cup size

Check the underwiring on your bra to ensure you have chosen the right cup size.

It should completely surround the breast and extend to the back of it. This means that the cup will fully encase your breast.

Underwiring that is too short will not sufficiently encase your breast underneath your arms, causing unsightly bulges on the side of the bust. If this is the case, we recommend choosing a larger cup size.

The right size cup will sit snugly against your breast.If your bust is spilling out at the top, your bra is too small.If it is gaping, you need a smaller cup size (e.g. cup size C rather than D).

Turn sideways and look at yourself in profile: your bust should be well supported and lifted.


e. Ensure the centrepiece is correctly positioned

The centrepiece is the central part of the bra which should sit snugly against your skin.If you can fit a finger underneath it, your bra is not the right size.


f. Ensure your bra is comfortable

Now's the time to check whether the bra keeps all its promises!Lift your arms, wriggle around: the bra should stay firmly in place, not dig in and feel comfortable.

If it slips as you move and your bust is not supported in the cups, meaning you have to reposition it, this means it's not the right size.Try a smaller size.


III. Choose the right style of bra

If you have chosen the right plus size bra, it will feel comfortable all day long.


Backless dresses, halter-neck tops... vary your outfits by choosing a bandeau bra, or add shape to your bust under a lightweight shirt with a spacer moulded cup bra.

The classic underwired bra suits any style and ensures excellent comfort and support.


See our style guide for more details on how to choose the right style of bra for you.


Now that you know everything there is to know about bras, check out our other lingerie tips: how to choose the right briefs depending on your body shape, and how to look after your lingerie. Sans Complexe also gives you advice on how to choose the right plus size swimwear to suit your figure.