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How to choose your plus size swimsuit?

Estimated reading time: 5 min

Estimated reading time: 5 min

How to choose your plus size swimsuit?


2-piece underwired swimwear for fuller busts made from recycled fibres 2-piece underwired swimwear for fuller busts made from recycled fibres

Summer sun is right around the corner! Is your wardrobe ready?  Finding the right bathing suit isn’t always easy for a plus-size. And what goes for lingerie and your figure apply to bathing suits as well: different styles for different body shapes, trends… and your type of fun.

The ideal bathing suit should be comfortable and provide optimal support. Whether you’re on the beach or by the pool, your suit should be perfectly adapted to your figure to enhance your assets (and camouflage your complexes). The Sans Complexe guide will help you find your perfect bathing suit, whether you’re cup size D or F, 38/40 or 54/56. Our simple guide is here for your plus-size bathing suit.  Get ready to sublime your silhouette this summer!

1. What key points to focus on when choosing a plus-size bathing suit?
2. How to choose the right bathing suit for your figure?
3. Choosing a bathing suit to hide your tummy

1.What key points to focus on when choosing a plus-size bathing suit?

  • Our bathing suits are specially designed for plus-sizes and fuller cups

While you may or may not feel comfortable with your figure, we’ll help you find the right bathing suit to help you feel good. Looking for comfort and support? Take a look at our bathing suits designed for plus-size needs.

Guaranteeing comfort and support for large cup sizes requires a special design. Look for bathing suits with large straps. Perfect support for your cleavage is a savvy combination of underwiring, elastic and lining or padding. If you feel more comfortable in a two-piece swimsuits, you can choose a model with cups or lined cups.

  • How to sublime your figure in a bathing suit

Choose a bathing suit that fits your figure, highlights your assets and helps forget your imperfections.

Of course, dark colours will make you look slimmer, but there’s more. Favour a V neck to draw attention to your cleavage yet minimise its size. For bottoms, play around with shapes, cuts and patterns. Depending on your hip size, large or slim, bottoms can erase or enhance your figure.

  • A bathing suit adapted to your activity

What will you be doing this summer: 100% sunning, surfing, swimming? Think about what you’ll be doing when you choose your plus-size bathing suit.

If you’re swimming laps, then a one-piece suit is your best bet. It will hug your body and support your breasts. Perfect for an optimal swim! A two-piece bathing suit can help you set records, so long as you don’t go for a simple tie on the sides of the hips or simply tied in the back.

If you’re going to surf, avoid suits with high cuts; they’re less comfortable and as they offer less support, you may end up showing more than you want if there are strong waves.

  • A bathing suit that respects your skin and the environment

Fashion ethics are in and our new collection offers more eco-friendly bathing suits allying durability and aesthetics so you choose from pretty, quality-made models using recycled fabric. Be beautiful and ally style and ethics!

Take a look at our OEKO-TEX® label and you’ll see that they’re made to be good to your body, with no harmful products.

Eco-responsible bikini with underwiring and padded cups for maximum support Eco-responsible bikini with underwiring and padded cups for maximum support

2. How to choose your bathing suit based on your body shape?

Wearing a bathing suit is all about enhancing your true assets! Flaunting them means understanding your morphology, as you’ll know which styles flatter your silhouette... and help you avoid making a faux pas. By learning to know your body, you’ll feel beautiful and at home with yourself every day!

To understand your figure, stand in front of a mirror and look at your bust, waist and hips. Then look at the images below and see which silhouette fits yours. We’ll give you tips and personalised advice to learn how to play with the bathing suit cuts and styles that enhance your figure.

How to choose the right swimsuit for your body shape?How to choose the right swimsuit for your body shape?

A bathing suit for an A-shaped figure

A-shaped figures have generous hips with narrow shoulders and bust.

How to flatter an A-shaped silhouette? Focus on your neckline and wear slimming clothes for the lower parts of your body.

• A bandeau or strapless bathing suit will highlight your shoulders and put the focus on your generous curvy bust

• For the bottom, choose a brief with a slight indented cut to slim your hips and lengthen your legs.

Go Mix&Match with a printed top and a solid color bottom. The printed top, especially if it has details, will keep the focus on top, while the solid color bottom slims your hips. 


Plus size underwiring bandeau bikini Plus size underwiring bandeau bikini

A bathing suit for an A-shape figure

H-figures have about the same shoulder and hip size and their waist is not well-defined.

How to enhance an H-silhouette ? Focus on your waist to redraw your silhouette.

• The 1-piece bathing suit  with a waist-centered cut is your best ally to emphasize your waist. A plunging neckline or a crossed straps are even better.  

• For a bikini, choose a top with inset cups or lined cups to naturally lift your breasts. A high-waisted belted bottom, will give you a glamorous retro look.

• Geometric and graphic prints with bold colours will play to your advantage. Go for vertical lines and small motifs.

1-piece swimsuit non-wired made from recycled fibres1-piece swimsuit non-wired made from recycled fibres

A bathing suit for a V-shaped figure

V-shaped figures have broad shoulders with a small waist and narrow hips.

Enhancing a V-shaped figure means slimming your shoulders to give volume to the bottom half.

• Choose a classic bathing suit top with a V-neckline and simple straps, or a top that ties around your neck to minimize your build.  

• For the bottom, go for briefs with added details such as lacing, smocks or an embossed fabric.

• A printed bottom will create an optical illusion to subtly make your hips and bottom looks fuller.  

Eco-responsible bikini for fuller busts Eco-responsible bikini for fuller busts

What bathing suit to wear when you have an O-shaped figure

O-shaped figures have very broad shoulders, wide hips and a tummy.

How do you highlight an O-shaped figure? By slimming the silhouette and focusing on your waist.

• The tankini and the 1-piece bathing suit highlight generous curves by shaping your silhouette and flattening your stomach.  

For a 2-piece bathing suit, a full-fitting bra with a coordinated bottom will help redraw your silhouette. A plunging neckline or V-shaped one, will make you look even more feminine.

• Solid and dark colours are perfect allies to slim your build. And repetitive patterns create a trompe œil effect to slim your build.

Tankini made from recycles fibres for fuller bustsTankini made from recycles fibres for fuller busts

The right bathing suit for an X-shaped figure

Figures with an X-shape have a small waist while their bust and hips have the same width.

To enhance your X-shape figure, focus on your harmonious curves.

Bikinis are your lucky charm. Go for tops with a plunging neckline or balconette for a sensual look.

High-waisted bottoms with an indented cut showcase your small waist and lengthen your legs.

• Solid or printed sets are your winners.

Eco-responsible underwired swimsuit for fuller bustsEco-responsible underwired swimsuit for fuller busts

3. How to hide your tummy in a bathing suit?

Go for styles and prints! A 1-piece will enhance your silhouette, making you look slimmer. Choose a dark colour or a suit with vertical panels to flatten your tummy, with a V-neck and large straps. Some suits have paneling, with a more visible slimming effect. Prints will help hide your tummy.

If you’re going for a 2-piece, opt for a high-waisted bottom to flatten your tummy and give your beach look a retro pin-up style. Go for solids or prints.

The stylish tankini can also help hide your tummy. Halfway between the 1 and 2-piece suit, the top is half-bikini and half tanktop, great to sublime generous curves without being too clingy.

Avoid horizontal strips as they will make you look bigger, find the right size and stay away from suits which tie—you need support. Finding the right suit may mean trying on a few plus-size bathing suits to flatten your tummy.

Black and leopard printed tankini with flat tummy-effect for fuller bustsBlack and leopard printed tankini with flat tummy-effect for fuller busts

Follow our tips, and you’ll be ready for a carefree and positive summer!