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How to choose my maternity lingerie?

Estimated reading time: 5 min

Estimated reading time: 5 min

How to choose my maternity lingerie?



Pregnancy and breastfeeding are unique times that are different for each and every woman. The effects on the body vary from one mum-to-be to another. The bust and breasts considerably increase in size, with the bust increasing by an average of one to two cup sizes or even more. Wearing the right lingerie to suit your growing curves is very important, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Let Sans Complexe help you find the best maternity bra!

      1. Why use a nursing bra ?
      2. When should you buy your plus size nursing bra ?
      3. Which plus size nursing bra should you choose ?

      4. Which opening system is best for your plus size maternity lingerie ?

      5. How to care for your plus size maternity lingerie ?

1. Why use a nursing bra ?

When you're breastfeeding, wearing a standard bra is difficult because you will need to quickly and regularly unfasten it to feed your baby. Unlike an ordinary bra, a nursing bra is especially designed to make breastfeeding easier, thanks to:

  • an opening system at the cups to completely uncover the areola;
  • a structure that provides excellent support due to its thick, adjustable straps that support your back and breasts;
  • delicate materials such as cotton, foam and microfibre. They provide maximum support, are quick-drying and protect your sensitive skin as well as that of your newborn.

2. When should you buy your plus size nursing bra ?

You can choose and buy a nursing bra while you are still pregnant, or after the baby is born.

Around the 8th month of your pregnancy

Choose your nursing bra after determining your size in the 3rd trimester and adding a cup size as your breasts will swell once your milk comes in. For example, if you are a size 38B in the 3rd trimester, order a bra in a size 40C. You can order one sooner, of course, if your usual bras are becoming too small.

After the birth

After the birth, you will usually return to the same cup size as you were during your first months of pregnancy. Wait two weeks before determining your actual size, then invest in a second nursing bra, once again one size larger than usual. If you buy your bra on the internet and are unsure which to choose, see our guide to buying your lingerie online with confidence.


Sans Complexe Lingerie tips

The number of bras you will need to buy depends on how long you intend to breastfeed. You will gradually lose volume from around the third month of lactation, so you need to ensure you have some smaller bras ready.


3. Which plus size nursing bra should you choose?

As you will probably need to breastfeed whilst out and about, your underwear will be on show. We have various trendy and stylish lace designs so you always feel feminine, even when breastfeeding your newborn !

Non-underwired nursing bra: for maximum comfort

During the day, you can choose which bra you prefer. A non-underwired nursing bra will definitely be easier to wear. Stretchy and seamless, it is fabulously comfortable.


Underwired nursing bra: for very large busts

An underwired nursing bra provides the best support. The underwiring increases the amount of support in the cups and reduces the amount of weight carried by the back. Go for designs with fine, flexible underwires that will adapt to the changing shape of your curves.


Nursing bra: for a peaceful night's sleep

Use a nursing bra to ensure your sleep is disturbed as little as possible. Ultra comfortable during the night and a great alternative to a non-underwired bra during the day, a bra top is lightweight, soft and the ultimate in comfort. Just what you need at the end of your pregnancy.


Nursing nightie: no compromise on femininity

Mums looking for stylish lingerie can also go to bed looking and feeling confident in a nursing nightie that's feminine as well as practical.



You can team your nursing bras with comfortable briefs. Also made from super soft and lightweight fabrics, these maternity lingerie sets are perfect for bonding with your baby.

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4. Which opening system is best for your plus size maternity lingerie?

First and foremost, go for a nursing bra with lined, elasticated cups to provide comfortable support whilst breastfeeding. This construction is best for providing unrivalled support for fuller busts: it fully encases the breasts to keep them firm and supported without squashing them.

In terms of the opening system :

  • the clip system on the straps at the tops of the breasts means you can fasten and unfasten the cups using just one hand, making breastfeeding comfortable and discreet.
  • a bra with 3 or 4 hook positions at the back is best so you can adjust it depending on the variations in your bust size.



Sans Complexe Lingerie tips

When breastfeeding, you should alternate your breasts for each session. Attach a paper clip or hair clip to the strap on your bra to remind you which breast you have just used. This way, you will always know which one to use the next time !

5. How to care for your maternity lingerie for fuller busts?

Your baby will often be in contact with your underwear during breastfeeding. It is important that it stays soft to avoid irritating your extremely sensitive skin, and that of your baby. Ideally:

  • wash your maternity lingerie by hand. If you can't, and you need to use the machine, try to put your lingerie in a laundry net to protect the fastenings;
  • wash your underwear with hypoallergenic detergent for delicate items, at a maximum temperature of 30°C;
  • do not tumble dry or iron, as this could damage the fabric fibres.

You need to take care of your maternity underwear in exactly the same way as your ordinary lingerie – perhaps even more so.