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How to choose your briefs model depending on your body shape?

Estimated reading time: 2 min

Estimated reading time: 2 min

How to choose your briefs model depending on your body shape?



Should you go for classic or bodysculpting briefs, shorties, tanga briefs or a thong? Finding the right design to suit your body shape can sometimes be a challenge.  To find the right style to hug your curves, hide away any little lumps and bumps, and make you feel fabulously sexy – just follow our handy guide !


Determining your briefs size

First and foremost, you need to know your size. This is essential for feeling comfortable, without your underwear feeling to tight or too big. Nothing could be easier: simply grab a tape measure and measure around your hips and waist. We will then take you through our size guide for briefs, step by step.

Connaître sa taille de culotte

Whatever the end result, always remember that size is just a number. Make sure you buy briefs that match your measurements, regardless of your hopes and expectations.

Briefs that are too small will cut into your figure and feel uncomfortable. Whereas briefs in the right size will hide away any little lumps and bumps, tone your tummy, etc.

Because you need to be comfortable in your underwear to feel beautiful!

What should you wear when you have curvy hips ?

Avoid briefs with sides that are too narrow or cut too high, as these will dig into your figure.
Go for a well-covering design such as briefs, full briefs or shorties to sculpt your shape.

Bas Sans Complexe pour les hanches larges

Which briefs should you wear for a flat bottom?

Do you wish you had a little more shape to your bottom? Go for full briefs or shorties to wrap around your buttocks and create a shapely effect.
The elastic needs to sit in the crease of your buttocks so that it doesn't dig into your bottom and look shapeless.

Culotte Sans Complexe pour les fesses plates
Avoid briefs, thongs and tanga briefs that will not provide any support for your buttocks. The same goes for pieces that are too figure-hugging and do not create any volume.

The right shape of briefs for a rounded bottom

Culotte Sans Complexe pour fesses rebondies

Showcase your curves and treat yourself ! Shorties, thong, tanga briefs, full briefs or briefs : anything goes for you, as long as the elastic sits beneath the crease in your buttocks.

What about for rounded bottoms ?

Culotte Sans Complexe pour fesses rondes

If you have slightly 'chubby' buttocks, go for a design that gives you better coverage (full briefs or shorties) that will sculpt your shape and smooth out any lumps and bumps as long as the elastic sits in the crease of your buttocks. You can also go for a thong or tanga briefs, provided they are the right size.

Avoid styles which are too high-cut, or maxi briefs that will accentuate any unwanted curves.

Which style of briefs should you wear if you have a round tummy ?

Bas sculptant Sans Complexe

High-waist briefs are best for you. The higher cut will smooth away any unsightly lumps and bumps at the waist. What's more, the elastic will not roll up as soon as you bend over or sit down.

Go for designs with a front panel or a lined panel (non-elasticated) with a seam. This will control your tummy and provide you with added comfort.

To smooth away any unwanted lumps and bumps more effectively, go for bodysculpting briefs, slimming briefs or panties.


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